Oprah urged Disney CEO Bob Iger to run for president

Disney CEO Bob Iger was recently profiled for Vogue where he discussed thinking about runnning for President.

He considered running for president before the last election but his wife, who is a dean at USC, shut the idea down because she said it would be destructive to their family and their life.

The idea of trying to be president stuck with him and sometime after the election, his wife reluctantly gave in but then the Fox deal came up and he had new obligations tying him to his job at Disney through 2021.

Oprah says he's one of the people she respects most in the world and she wanted him to run: "I really, really pushed him to run for president, so much so that I said to him, ‘Gee, if you ever decide to run for office, I will go door to door carrying leaflets. I will go sit and have tea with people.’"

The ceiling of the screening room at his house is a planetarium that is typically set to show the view of the stars from New York City the day he was born.

He says people assume he's extremely busy so they don't even try to schedule meetings with him and he ends up with more free time than you'd expect.