Hulu Discounts HBO Add-On to $5 a month

  • If you have Hulu, you can add HBO for $5/month, a discount that will last for the next six months.

  • You can already add on Showtime and Cinemax to Hulu for $8/month.

  • This deal is good for new or non-current HBO subscribers, and is a limited time offer.

  • Subscribing to HBO a la carte is usually $15.

  • The promotion is timed to coincide with the start of Season Two of Westworld.

  • Follows the news of Spotify and Hulu teaming up for $13 a month (which I swear there was a post about that I now can't find). But if you signed up for that promotion, you aren't eligible for this.

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I pay for both HBO & Hulu, so this is great news.