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Nicki Minaj Addresses Cardi B Beef on Zane Lowe's Beats 1 Radio Show

  • Nicki Minaj stopped by Zane Lowe's Apple Music Radio Show Beats 1 to drop 2 new songs and address where she's been.

  • In the interview she touched on being sad for Meek Mill's situation right now and why she had to disappear from the game for a minute, but the most interesting tidbit came in when she was asked to address the alleged fued between her and fellow female rapper, Cardi B.

  • Nicki says the drama all started over the song 'Motorsport'. Quavo presented the song as a solo single but he wanted Nicki for a different song, 'She For Keeps' which appeared on the Quality Control album. Nicki wanted to be on Motorsport because she could tell it was going to be the hit of the two songs.

  • Quavo came back and said well actually it's going to be a song for the Migos album. Nicki didn't care. Quavo texted her a few weeks later and said 'Hey we are gonna add Cardi to the record, cool?'. Nicki said she gave her blessing and was excited.

  • Nicki says that the only thing Cardi did that 'really, really hurt her feelings' was Cardi went into an interview and said Nicki changed her verse for Motorsport after she found out Cardi was on it.

  • Nicki said she addressed this with Quavo and when time came in an interview to clear the air, none of them did. They allowed the lie to live because it was popular to be on the Nicki Minaj hate train.

  • She also said more fuel got added to the fire when it came time to shoot the music video. Nicki did not shoot on the same day as Migos or Cardi due to scheduling conflicts.....with her hairstylist, Tokio Styles, who now does Cardi's hair as well.

  • Nicki, now crying, says Migos and Cardi continued to fuel the so called feud when they knew the truth over why they shot no scenes together, but instead, the hate train rolled on.

  • Nicki also says Cardi didn't pay the right respect to her because up and coming girls would kill to be on a record with Nicki Minaj, not in a cocky way though.

  • Nicki says she has nothing but love for Cardi and holds no ill will against her and they've squashed their beef and feels Cardi has started being genuine towards Nicki in interviews and she only supports her and wants her to win.

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