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Cardi B & Lady Gaga stan eachother

- throwback video surfaced on social media of Cardi B covering Lady Gaga‘s “Bad Romance” at a high school talent show.

- Gaga took notice, replying on twitter, “I LIVE @iamcardib”

- Gaga followed up the tweet by quoting the best song of Cardi's career, Get Up 10. “Fall down 9 times but I get up 10! @iamcardib SPEAK WOMAN,” she tweeted.

- Cardi has long been a little monster. A couple years ago, Cardi & Hennessy filmed themselves performing "Applause"

- Cardi told MTV this week, "I went to high school for musical theater and technology. I used to do talent shows. I even have a video of me performing Lady Gaga and everything...In my freshman year, I performed Madonna "Material Girl." In 10th grade, I couldn't do the talent show. Junior year I did "Love Game" and then senior year I did "Bad Romance.'"

- Last year, Cardi revealed Gaga is one of her ultimate style icons. During the VMA's Cardi told billboard, "If I could ever collaborate with somebody, I would love collabortating with one of my Idols. Definitely gotta be Lady Gaga... Is she in the bulding? If you is or not, I just wanna say I love you bitch."

Legends stanning legends!

What’s your fav track off Invasion of Privacy?
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