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Shadowhunters 3x05 'Stronger Than Heaven' Promo, Sneak Peaks, Live Chat & Social Media Highlights

David L. Castro, better known as Raphael Santiago, decided to spend some of his free time enjoying his #freedom and #2amendment rights this week with an AK-47, and took to his InstaStories to let the fans know how much he loves dem rights.

 photo davidlcastroloveshisfreedomandrights_zpszd6xk6cm.png

{But in WAY WAY Cuter & Less Problematic News...}

Sources: Promo, Sneak Peaks, Live Chat, David Castro Insta, David Castro InstaStory Screenshot My Own, Matt Hastings Twitter, Matt Daddario Insta, Kat McNamara Insta, 2, Isaiah Mustafa Insta, Alisha Wainwright Twitter

Did you enjoy the introduction of certified Praetor cutie Jordan Kyle, ONTD ShadowFam?

 photo matt popcorn forontd_zpsif9apw5w.gif
Tags: shadowhunters (freeform), television promo / stills

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