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Walking Dead: The top 12 (5) worst characters


The season finale of The Walking Dead is fast approaching, and even though the show has declined in quality over the seasons, it is still hard to deny a lot has happened over the series. There have been badass characters we have come to know and love, and some we just want dead already. Let's take a bite look at some of the worst characters to appear on the show.


Does anybody even like this guy? He just proves the theory that people attracted to positions of power are pieces of shit. From coming on to Maggie and selling out his people to the Saviours, he would sell his own family up the river if it means covering his own ass. He might be good for passing along messages to opposing sides, but even a trained walker could do that. He is past his expiration date.


Andrea started out likable and a badass. With her iconic quote "I know how the safety works", calling out Lori the self-appointed first lady of the group, and being a part of the most shippable pair with Michonne, she is not the worst character on the series. It's understandable that she got caught up in a fantasy of a somewhat normal life that the Governor offered, but she got majorly dickmatized and dumped a good friend.

There was a lot of stupidity towards the end of season 3 that made people go, really? You don't think it's weird your bf has a tank full of walker heads? She then passed up the opportunity of shooting him in his sleep when she clearly felt like it. And telling your friend to "go to hell", accusing her of "poisoning" Rick's group when she held your ass up from being sick when you couldn't even walk??


The Governor

Which brings us to our next male piece of garbage, The Governor. He has risen in popularity since Negan's arrival, but it doesn't change that he is annoying and overstayed his welcome. His tirade caused a fan fav (Hershel) to die and events proceeding weren't series highs. Did we really need a bottle ep of Daryl and Beth? Did we need two eps of his backstory??


He was an asset to Abraham's group because of "top secret knowledge" but that was a crock. Since exposing himself as useless, he tried to be more of use by fighting (embarrassingly), but his lowest point came from becoming Negan. Even Rosita called him a traitor and shot at him in the latest ep. He knows his strengths, i guess???? Either way, he can go.


Now I know there are some thirsty hoes who still stan him, and though he does get credit for being ahead of the times as far as savagery, he still deserves a spot on this list. He sexually assaulted Lori for god sakes. He wanted Rick dead for selfish reasons and probably didn't care too much for the group other than Lori and Carl. R.I.p Otis. He was the definition of creeper and stalker, and did we really need a group leader who would so much as kill you if you even looked at Lori wrong? Bye.

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