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Charli XCX: Deep Cuts and Unreleased (ONTD Original)

Prolific pop songwriter and failed media trainee Charli XCX has made her impact in the pop landscape, and even recently enough to have a song dedicated to her, titled her name.

Yes I know you miss True Romance Charli. And yes I know "Nuclear Seasons" is one of her best songs. But I'm here to appreciate her other songs showing how diverse her style has been. Not all the material she performs live gets officially released, so this list of (not limited to nor in any rank) 11 songs will bar any low quality recordings amongst her catalog thus far.

Girls Night Out

Notes: A femm bop for the girls and gays, GNO was premiered live in 2015 and she still performs it currently on her Pop2 Tour. Don't know if she'll ever have a third album and official version of this song to release, but since she's such a big fan of fellow pop female musicians, I can see her boarding a bunch of features onto this track to make an epic collab (holla @ LIZ & Allie X sis).

Goin' out on the weekend
Gettin' dressed with my girls
Put on my favorite lip gloss
Cherry Garcia swirl
Perfume, pleasure, and platforms
Livin' that kind of world (Ooh-ooh)
We're gonna live it up tonight

Dance 4 U

Notes: Off of her 2012 mixtape Super Ultra, she made a lil ode to Justin B*eber by sampling him in one of his interviews. #RIPundergroundCharli

Body electric
Lost in our hyper fantasy
I really feel it
I'm moving both my arms, yeah, it's happening


Friday night at the club, got my gloves on
Swishy-swish, gold locks, ponytail, stun gun
Long nails with the gloss on, dressed up like a champion

Doing It (Original solo version)

Notes: She originally had a solo version before releasing a Rita Ora feature as a single. Hustle queen and ethnically ambiguous Rihanna understudy was not really necessary so I'll use this version.

We're staying all night
We never slow down
I think we better do it like we're doing it now
It's been a long time
Since we've been around
So come on, let's keep doing it like we're doing it
Doing it like we're doing it

Gold Coins

Notes: A Sleigh Bells-lite track released as a promotional single, an underrated gem off of Sucker.

Build a pretty green castle wall
I'll hide inside my fortress, smoking in my bed
That's what I dream of in my head

Unlock It ft. Kim Petras and Jay Park

Rollercoaster ride in the fast lane
Got the roof down
Kiss me hard in the rain
You got the candy colored eyes
Pink and gold chain
Million dollar babe
Whip it out, like I'm propane


(Let my car run out, I won't scream or shout)
Hope we’re on the same wavelength
Hope you don’t think that I’m crazy
(Let's die together, no one lives forever)
Beaches and oceans for my baby
Hurry up, and come and save me

So Far Away

I can’t believe all those things that you said
You broke my heart and you fucked with my head again
So I run (so long ago, and so far away)


I don’t talk a lot, talk a lot
So you should listen up, I mean it when I say
I’m not afraid, it’s okay
You know, I love you too

Babygirl ft. Uffie

Notes: A summery 80's throwback song featuring Uffie, yes Pop the Glock Uffie.

I've got a million dollar smile, I can live in your dreams
With my angel wings and Fiorucci jeans
Uh-huh, uh-huh
Uh-huh, uh-huh

Hard 2 Love

Notes: Can't find her version anymore, but she demo'd this for Gwen's third studio album which scrapped a whole bunch of songs and changed direction. A "Time After Time" 80's tea.

I know that I'm hard to love
I'm gettin' better, I'm gettin' better
But the ride is worth the rush
When we're together, when we're together
And it hurts to know I hurt you so
Been down this road, let's turn it back around
You say you're fine, I know you lie
You'll make this right
We'll turn it back around, and I'll try
Yeah, I'll try

Fav Charli songs?

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