Rich, White, Male Named Moby Has Opinion About Food Stamps

Moby published an op-ed in the Wall Street Journal about how he doesn't think food stamps should pay for junk food.

"SNAP rules allow stores to distribute candy, soda, cheese products, energy drinks, processed meats and lots of other items that end up seriously compromising the health of SNAP recipients."

(OP Note: Moby is one of those annoying vegans, which is why you see cheese and meat mentioned. We don't claim him).

He goes on to mention that people on SNAP have worse diet and health outcomes than people not on the program - fails to talk about the complexity of poverty and the large number of issues surrounding the diets of low-income individuals.

"To reduce SNAP’s costs, some have pushed stricter work requirements. This is silly; most SNAP participants are either children or elderly. A better approach would be to focus the program on cheap, healthy foods like beans, vegetables, fruit and whole grains."

"The food industry pushes the notion that poor people demand junk food and will complain if SNAP cuts them off. In reality, parents like my mother take pride in doing the best they can for their families."

"Congress should fix SNAP, not gut it. The U.S. can have healthier people, lower health-care costs, and a trimmer budget at the same time."

It's a very short read light on factual information and it is not a deep dive into the complexities surrounding the issue, if you feel like reading the full article at the source.