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ONTD Original: Beliefs the Pop Community Tell Themselves

So I've been pop music for a while and some of these fans start to conjure up a lot of beliefs, whether they're suggestions as to how manage some of these artists, or you're simply placing some sort of judgement.

The following list is not to disapprove such thoughts to be expressed, but these comments and complaints get overdone by stan bases all over. Here I will bring up a common arguments and try to find points as to why they're valid or not.

1. 'X' artist should make an 'x 2.0'/recreate 'x' record.
- If they have been creatively stunted and lost their own identity, they can venture back into something people will be familiar with
- Maybe audience wants the artist to create something in the similar state of mind as something previous, or in vein as something else, and not exactly replicate music

Maybe they did try to recreate a similar song and it worked. I'd like to consider very similar parallels to "Heartbreaker" vs. "Fantasy" by Mariah Carey, and Lady Gaga creating "Judas" vs. "Bad Romance".

- As formulaic song making is, attempting to make a similar song is #reductive
- Artists naturally grow and change, and hopefully for the better
- Timing: songs and albums made their magic already and achieved it's own success

Lil monsters - I know TFM was THE work of art but stop hoping Gaga will go back to "dark themes" as if TFM is gonna be reawakened. Voodoo ha, hex ha all you want but if #Joanne must rest, so must your hopes.

There's no point in Madonna making another Ray of Light or Xtina making another Stripped.

2. You're only as good as your last success.
- Well ho, how you gonna try to tour if you haven't produced a hit in a decade #noshade
- Your receipts and stats are old and outdated
- Maybe you "peaked too soon" and the truth is you have not created anything worth noting since

If you stan for Hurts, you'd probably consider their debut Happiness as their true masterpiece and their material since then has been kind of weak. #JusticeForLights

- You can't judge growth in artistry vs. their last known 'hit'
- #MusicNotTheBling
- There were better works released since their last success, but was not commercially released as a single or with promotional support
- Maybe the artist finds success in something else OR they've reached a point of legendary status where they can release albums to promote tours (Madonna).

Technically Charli XCX's last 'success' was "Boom I've Got The Clap" and "Break the Rules" era but she's released great works since.

I feel like this applies to Bey as well. As much as she does have iconic songs, she's known to be a performer more than her music. Her NAME is bigger than her music. She doesn't have a lot of chart toppers in recent years but that doesn't mean she didn't release two bodies of work.

Must we decipher albums vs. singles vs. tour artists?

3. 'X' artist is always holding up with releases/making the wrong single choices.
- Maybe they didn't have any good music to release to begin with
- They're lazy, uninspired, or just resting on their laurels


- It's the label politics for the reason they are not releasing anything at all OR choosing the wrong single choices
- Labels choose the singles 99% of the time
- Blame the focus groups and execs that are influencing these decisions
- Maybe their process to make music just takes long

JOIN the O.S.A. (Oppressed Stan Alliance) representing Charli XCX, Tinashe, CL, LIZ Y2K + more and their lengthy periods of in-between waiting eras and label battles!

4. Only one artist can reign in 'x' genre.
- Maybe there's a certain music movement and a certain artist rose to the top within the movement and did it best
- Their success speaks for themselves which is why they're at the top of their game
- We don't need any more of 'x' type of artistry

- The rising popularity of the genre or style simply reflects what's common and happening in culture
- As Legend X said, there's room for all of us on our iPods

This is a common theme in hip-hop with the "we can only have one female rapper at the top of the game therefore we're going to pit reigning female rapper 'x' with other female rapper 'y'"

5. 'Y' artist is the new 'x' artist.
- Valid comparisons
- Newer artist directly takes/admits strong inspiration from predecessor

IDC but if we're going to claim a 'y' is the new 'x', it was fair to consider Gaga was the new Madonna in many aspects.

Theres this band called 'joan' that's basically a LANY rip-off.

- Everyone is different
- People make unfair judgements due to limited knowledge of culture, and because everyone is comfortable using a reference point
- Newer artist 'y' has completely different intentions

6. Pop music + pop stars are not credible artists.
- Pop music is about doing whats popular or what it takes to get popular, therefore substance is not prioritized
- There's a difference between a 'performer' and 'artist', some argue
- There are pop artists who have minimal involvement in what they're doing, and who are manufactured or go through concentrated artistic development and have teams for A&R, songwriting, investment, etc.

- There are pop artists who are creators and are singer-songwriters, instrumentalists, conceptual thinkers and want to express it
- Substance-less music can be found in all waves, genres, and statuses in music, NEXT

LENGTHY TEXT POST. Why is this a damn essay. I wrote this bc I have a lot of #thots and I feel like I sound crazy

ONTD, do you witness tired comments in the pop music community?

Sources: 1 / Me
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