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ONTD Original™ Ten albums we paid dust in 2017

We all have those certain albums that we love but nobody else even bats an eyelash at. You put on your fav bop at a party while all your friends blink blindly waiting for you to play Desperatecito or Old Rules for the millionthteenth time.

Why doesn't anyone understand you? Why do you have basic friends with no taste? Why AREN'T they the girls you knew they were? Let's dive in to eight albums everyone paid dust in 2017.

Chase Atlantic - "Chase Atlantic" (10.04.17)

Yes, we're starting with fuckboys with BOPS because these are all in ABC order. This Australian trio delicately balances alt-pop, rock and r&b to create a fresh, dark and teary-eyed sound that swims deep in your soul. You want rap? Check. Dance? Check. Saxophone?? CHECK. Log back into your MySpace and put Chase Atlantic as your profile song; your Top 8™ will thank you for it!

Hits that stick like grits
- Dancer in the Dark
- Into It
- Keep It Up
- Triggered
- Uncomfortable

Hey Violet - "From the Outside" (06.16.17)
Hey Violet.jpg

This LA group brings us back to the days of Avril Lavigne, Hollister and Cingular Wireless. With the perfect blend of pop, punk and dance, Hey Violet's debut album shows major crossover appeal with each and every song being single-worthy. Throw on your boyfriend's hoodie and puka shell necklace, and alert everyone on your Xanga to your new found obsession!

Hits that stick like grits
- Brand New Moves
- Hoodie
- O.D.D.
- Unholy
- Where Have You Been

LANY - "LANY" (06.30.17)

This indie/synth pop beach band gives you all the feels and takes your ears on vacation with their dreamy sounds. Lead singer Paul Klein, who dated Dua Lingo for a time, has the perfect privileged white guy voice with just the right amount of smooth and whine. Paul also weirdly looks like Eddie Vedder and Michael Hutchence had a baby. Huge if true. Set your sails and let LANY take you away!

Hits that stick like grits
- 13
- Good Girls
- Super Far
- The Breakup

Majid Jordan - "The Space Between" (10.27.17)
Majid Jordan.jpg

Probably the most underrated r&b group out, Majid Jordan has produced hits the likes of "Hold On, We're Going Home" for Drake and "Mine" for Beyonce. With two full albums under their belt, their sophomore record is the perfect alt-r&b/synthwave concoction. Their voices are like melted butter on silk and their beats are the freshest around. Why do we keep letting them flop?? I'm UPSET.

Hits that stick like grits
- Body Talk
- Gave Your Love Away
- My Imagination
- OG Heartthrob
- One I Want

MUNA - "About U" (02.03.17)

Delivering power-pop/rock with an 80's twist, MUNA has taken "purposeful pop" to a fresh level. Women's rights, abusive relationships, and national tragedies; You feel passionate about it? They've got it. MUNA has also chosen to take out all gender-based pronouns from their lyrics which has earned them quite the cult queer following. Let's give this progressive band all of our attention!

Hits that stick like grits
- Crying On The Bathroom Floor
- I Know A Place
- Loudspeaker
- So Special
- Winterbreak

Oliver - "Full Circle" (08.25.17)

Dance music doesn't have an expiration date and Oliver is making sure it stays that way. This LA based duo started their DJing careers in the 90's and have worked with legends like Shakira, Britney Spears and Kelly Clarkson. Their debut album consists of bop after bop with fresh disco, funk and r&b sounds. Y'all are always screaming for disco so you better shut your mouths, listen up and DANCE.

Hits that stick like grits
- Chemicals
- Electrify
- Go With It
- Heart Attack
- Love Like This

Rationale - "Rationale" (10.06.17)

Formerly known as Tinashé (lol), Rationale is a Zimbabwe-born British singer/songwriter known for his sultry indie/synth/r&b sounds and African influences. He's been releasing music since 2015 and has finally gathered enough notoriety to release his full-length debut album. He's also received major props from Pharrell Williams and Elton John. We love an artist with hustle! Let's give him his dues!

Hits that stick like grits
- Fast Lane
- Fuel to the Fire
- Loving Life
- Something For Nothing
- The Mire

Roy Blair - "Cat Heaven" (12.08.17)
Roy Blair.jpg

Roy Blair received his big break working with Kevin Abstract (a founding member of Brockhampton) providing the background vocals on Kevin's album & tour. With his debut album "Cat Heaven", Roy takes you on an alt-r&b journey that transports you back to 1993 complete with indie beats and clever lyrics. Roy's first try is captivatingly authentic, weird and fulfilling. Light the bl*nt!

Hits that stick like grits
- Alex
- Happy
- Jane
- Perfume
- Thunder

THEY. - "Nü Religion: Hyena" (02.24.17)

Y'all. Y'ALL. If you're not into THEY. by now then I don't know what you're DOING with your LIFE. I have NEVER yelled at a girl like this. Take responsibility for your musical SELF. Growing up loving Nirvana, these guys mix their 90's music passions perfectly with hot r&b dance beats that will get you drunk and/or crying in .02 seconds. If you don't give them a chance you will be CURSED and CURSED OUT.

Hits that stick like grits
- Dante's Creek
- Motley Crew
- Silence
- What You want

Tove Lo - "Blue Lips: Lady Wood Phase II" (11.17.17)
Tove Lo.jpg

I'm going to stay as calm as possible bc I don't want to say anything I'll regret. God only knows why "disco tits" didn't go #1 for 80 weeks. Tove Lo continues to go under appreciated & we continue to let her flop. She gives us BOP after mfing BOP & we pay her the ULTIMATE dust. We don't deserve her. But she deserves for you, the audience, to actually buy the album. Can we get this girl a Grammy??

Hits that stick like grits

What do you think, ONTD? What are some albums you love that have been dusted in 2017?

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