Netflix threatens to pull five films from the Cannes Film Festival

  • Ahead of the lineup announcement next week, Netflix is threatening to pull the five films that were scheduled to premiere at the Cannes Film Festival.

  • This comes in response to a rule established in 2017 that prevented Netflix films from entering the festival's main competition.

  • The films that were due to premiere at Cannes were Alfonso Cuaron's Roma, Paul Greengrass’s Norway, Jeremy Saulnier’s Hold the Dark, Orson Welles’s The Other Side of the Wind, and Morgan Neville’s documentary They’ll Love Me When I’m Dead.

  • Netflix had two compete at Cannes last year, Joon-ho Bong's Okja and Noah Baumbach's The Meyerowitz Stories, but French cinema owners and filmmakers objected to the company's decision to release the films on Netflix alongside any cinema release.

  • French law requires distributors to wait 36 months after a film's theatrical release to make it available for streaming.

  • After allowing Okja and The Meyerowitz Stories to compete last year, the festival director Thierry Frémaux said: “Last year, when we selected these two films, I thought I could convince Netflix to release them in cinemas. I was presumptuous, they refused.”