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Who won Project Runway All-Stars season 6? + The future of the show is in danger!

This Thursday, Project Runway All-Stars season 6 crowned a winner. With guest judges Catherine Zeta-Jones and Zac Posen on board, who was named the winner??

Stanley Hudson did a look inspired by the “bold, modern, classic” American woman. Isaac Mizrahi was in love with the chaste red dress although this OP was not. Overall, everything was well-received by the judges.

Fabio Costa's collection was about the “past and present colliding” with modern and classic looks. Isaac wanted looks with less delicateness, and more "fuck you." Zac Posen said the jumpsuit was very Studio 54.

Anthony Williams said his collection by inspired by the idea of Audrey Hepburn living long enough to become Rihanna. Zac Posen said he's good friends with "Rihrih" (yes, he called her that). Catherine wants the black dress with one shoulder and said she appreciates it, "as a woman with bosoms."

So who won?? The judges had a hard time deciding and not one designer was an obvious "no."

[Spoiler (click to open)]Anthony! There was no second or third place winner mentioned. PS: My feed cut off right after Anthony screamed with delight, so if anything else happened in the final minutes, please tell me in the comments!

-In 2016, Project Runway was renewed for 3 seasons, but recent revelations show that as of January 10th, because of the Weinstein Co. bankruptcy, this deal was scrapped
-Only 1 of those seasons has aired so far
-A+E Networks wants to acquire the show from Weinstein Co. and is in negotiations for future seasons

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