Australian Rugby Star Says Gay People Go To Hell Unless They Repent Their Sins and "turn to god"

– On April 2nd, rugby star Israel Folau made an Instagram post with the above image. When asked in the comments by one user, "what was gods plan for gay people??" Folau replied, "HELL... Unless they repent of their sins and turn to god."
– Raelene Castle, chief executive of Rugby Australia, had this to say: “Israel’s comment reflects his personal religious beliefs but it does not reflect the view of Rugby Australia or NSW Rugby. We are aligned in our view that rugby is a game for all, regardless of sexuality, race, religion or gender, which is clearly articulated in Rugby’s inclusion policy. We understand that Israel’s comment has upset a number of people and we will discuss the matter with him as soon as possible.”
– Rugby Australia said they don't agree with Folau's comments. Folau is part of the Wallabies Australia national rugby team and had his big break back in 2013. After Castle put out the above statement, Rugby Australia put out a second one saying they would meet with Folau. But as of just today, they haven't actually followed through. Austalian airline Qantas backed Rugby Australia's response of tolerance, saying that Folau's remarks were "disappointing". Former Wales captain Gareth Thomas has also criticized him.
– Folau has aired his homophobic views before to no consequence: In September 2017 he tweeted, "I love and respect all people for who they are and their opinions. but personally, I will not support gay marriage.✌❤🙏" Folau has not taken down this past tweet or the instagram post.

ONTD, how will you repent before approaching the pearly white gates? And how long did you believe you would suffer some sort of "divine punishment" like being sent to hell while growing up?

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