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WrestleMania News: Roman Reigns slams part-timers. Part-timer The Rock not attending.

Roman Reigns is irl pretty pissed that part-time stars are taking up so much WWE attention. He claims the company is better off if full-timers like himself are at the top instead of guys who show up whenever they please like current part-time champ and Reign's opponent on Sunday, Brock Lesnar. He states Lesnar isn't the only major part-timer and that full-time guys can't reach their potential if all the energy is given to people who don't show up on a regular basis. Reigns goes on to say after he became champ two years ago and showed up where he was scheduled, attendance rose.

That said, if you were hoping for a 12-minute in-ring segment at Sunday's WrestleMania with the Rock, you are out of luck. Dwayne Johnson has stated he will not be attending the show on Sunday.

He didn't give a reason during a press tour interview for his new movie, but he sounded like he'd rather be anywhere else (Reigns impact!).

Sunday's WrestleMania is currently scheduled to be 5 hours long, not including the 2-hour pre-show. Last year's was the longest in history at a whopping 5 hours and 10 minutes (Oscars who?). 13 matches are scheduled, plus whatever the fuck part-timers John Cena and the Undertaker are planning.

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are you a part-time champ attending WrestleMania, ontd?
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