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Helen Mirren wants stunt performers to qualify for Oscars

Dame Helen Mirren is speaking out about the amazing stunt performers in film and media and would like their work acknowledged by The Academy.

“There really should be an Oscar for stunt work,” she told the UK site Female First. “These guys are incredible and they’re so careful and so professional. And they’re artists. They do amazing things.”

The actor has dipped her toes in action films having starred in both “Red” and “The Fate of the Furious” and had wanted to be offered those types of roles for a long time.

“I put it out there and then I begged. That was one of the wonderful advantages of winning an Oscar. I got to be in action movies!”

Jack Gill, who worked stunt coordinator on both films, has unsuccessfully petitioned The Academy to add a category for stunt performers since 1991. There are currently SAG Awards for stunt ensemble work in film and television but the Academy currently doesn't recognize stunt work.

Should The Academy recognize stunt work?


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