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Arie Lyin-dick Jr. and his initial reject get backlash for their April Fool's Joke

- For those who missed it, the most recent Bachelor Arie Needledick Sr. lied to his first pick Becca K. by telling her that he loved her and choose her every day, except for the days he would talk to his future fiance and runnerup Lauren B. behind her back and eventually planned on getting back together. This led to their televised breakup, which made Arie look like a legit psychopath as he breaks her heart in front of the cameras without any remorse.
- Needless to say, the entire Bachelor fandom (and even mainstream media) hates him, probably including Chris Harrison cause he's posted more pics of upcoming Bachelorette Becca K. and none of the couple. Zach Braff even called him a douchebag, which is saying something.
- Arie and Lauren are supposed to be on a "social media break" which apparently means posting pictures of each other with cringey captions while calling the paps to take pictures of themselves.
- Arie posted a picture of "Lauren" pregnant on his Instagram story and Twitter, and posted afterward "April Fools!"

- Received a lot of backlash especially from women who have fertility issues.
- Followed up with a "sorry if you were offended" post on his Instagram story.
- Some Bachelor Nation fans also found this joke in bad taste because Arie and an ex-girlfriend experienced a miscarriage in the past, something he brought up on his appearances in Emily Maynard's season and his own. The ex did not appreciate this as her family was not aware that she even had it to begin with.

Source Arie's tweets 1 2

ONTD, when was the last time you made everyone hate you?
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