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Eva Mendes Leaves the House, Promotes New Clothing Collection

  • The retired actress/paparazzi ninja stepped out in pajamas to promote her new clothing line in New York and New Mexico.

  • The new line is called "Everyday Chic" and uses a lot of dresses and t-shirts and a lot of loose clothing. She also focuses on head wraps, pockets and slip on dresses.

  • Her mother's fashion advice growing up was "never leave the house without lipstick on." She doesn't know what advice she'll pass to her daughters (almost four and almost two), she just wants them to be in pajamas and happy.

  • Her longtime partner/husband/whatever Ryan Gosling- or, her "man"- was also an inspiration for the line. She went through a phase when she wore his clothes constantly and she wanted to replicate that comfort. Her line will release a "boyfriend cardigan" soon that's inspired by one of his sweaters.

Videos of Eva talking about her kidsCollapse )

Miscellaneous Gosling tidbits from her interviews, since she seems more comfortable publicly talking about him now (Ryan has been mostly MIA publicly as he works on a Neil Armstrong biopic, but was recently snapped out with Eva's mother so he's alive):

  • She credits her family, "a great man" and his family for her being able to do it all without a nanny. But she says it's still hard and most women go through the same battle.

  • When asked if the constant tabloid rumors about her and Gosling being separated or having problems are true, she says "no way."

  • When asked which director could bring her out of acting retirement, she says "Ryan Gosling as the director" and says while it won't happen any time soon, they do plan on working together again.

  • Ryan Gosling apparently knows how to tie Eva's head wraps.

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