Laura Ingraham tweets about David Hogg, MSD survivor, and advertisers pull out of her show

Laura Ingraham took time on her twitter to link to a story about David Hogg, MSD survivor, about being rejected by four colleges in a mocking tweet.

David Hogg gets wind of this &tweets out a list of companies that advertise on The Ingraham Angle, and multiple companies pull out (Nestle US, Hulu, Nutrish, TripAdvisor,Expedia, Wayfair and Johnson & Johnson)

This prompted Ingraham to apologize, saying it was "holy week." rme

David Hogg reacts and doesnt accept her fauxpology on CNN.

Between the politician calling Emma Gonzalez a "skinhead lesbian" or a communist, Hogg comparisons to Hitler, and 2A advocates showing up to March for Our Lives rallies waving AR-15s, the right wing continue to show their asses.

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