Cameron Diaz officially announces she is retired from acting

Cameron Diaz catapulted into movie superstar status when she mistaken Ben Stiller's cum as hair gel in There's Something About Mary. Diaz became a box office draw with multiple female driven hit films such as Charlie's Angels, The Sweetest Thing and Bad Teacher. Selma Blair #TiffanyHaddish'd that Diaz retired from acting. In a recent interview Diaz solidified her retirement saying, “I’m semi-retired, too, and I am actually retired." Diaz shared with her Sweetest Thing co stars. Diaz starred in many box office smashes like Shrek and Vanilla Sky. Diaz left the industry and now is wifed up with some dude from Good Charlotte. Diaz had many memorable roles and has left a film legacy that Jennifer Aniston wish she had and now can collect.


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