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Several Actresses* Respond to Being Asked About Biting Beyonce

*It was their reps, but you get the point

HuffPo put on their investigative journalism pants to find out which actress bit Beyonce according to Tiffany Haddish's recent story. They've basically been met with lots of "WTF" and "take my name out your contacts" responses

Jennifer Aniston: “What? I have no idea what this means. Why in the world would you think Jennifer Aniston would do such a thing? It’s absurd.”

Julie Andrews: “Have no idea what you are talking about,”

Kathy Bates: "I have no clue"

Shirley MacLaine: “No, Shirley did not bite anything. She’s 83 years old, for God’s sake,”

Amy Adams: “Hahaha, NO. So funny that you would ask if Amy Adams did this?”

Jodie Foster: The article says Sara Foster — NOT Jodie Foster,

Queen Latifah: "No comment"

Jennifer Lawrence: "[R]emove her please.”

Frances McDormand: "Seriously?!"

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Tags: actor / actress, amy adams, beyoncé, jennifer aniston, jennifer lawrence, old hollywood, queen latifah

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