Selena Gomez turned off her Instagram comments after facing backlash for saying #NotJustAHashtag

In the Instagram posts Selena Gomez made about the march on Saturday she used the #MarchForOurLives hashtag and followed it up with #NotJustAHashtag. This appears to be a direct reference to the time she was was defending Taylor Swift on Twitter and asking why people "can't use their voice for something that fucking matters". When a Twitter user responded by asking why she hasn't spoken up about Black Lives Matter or police brutality, she replied: "oh lol so that means if I hashtag something I save lives? No -I could give two fucks about 'sides' You don't know what I do".

People on social media didn't respond well to what seems to be another dismissal of Black Lives Matter on Selena's part. She turned off her Instagram comments but kept the #NotJustAHashtag hashtags in her posts.