Stormy Daniels draws in viewers for 60 Minutes, Megyn Kelly recalls her own Cohen experience

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More than 22 million viewers tuned in for the Stormy Daniels 60 Minutes episode, drawing more than the Trump family's episode post-election. Stormy gave her account of her time with 45, such as spanking his butt with a magazine of him on the cover and how she felt obligated to have sex with him.

The takeaway of the episode was not juicy details about sex, but how 45 used his money, privilege, and power in attempt to silence and bully Stormy (which is probably far from the first time he's done this). Stormy detailed a day when a man threatened her physical harm in front of her child to stop her from talking about Trump. While it was not Trump's lawyer, Cohen, it's speculated he sent someone to do it.

The episode prompted Megyn Kelly to remind people of her own experience (and another reporter from Daily Beast, Tim Mak, who is now with NPR) with Michael Cohen's threats.

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