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True Crime Post : Tons of TV

*Tarantino's Sharon Tate movie starring Margot Robbie has had so many scandals that it might be derailed.

*In the meantime, there's another Charles Manson movie in development called Charlie Says, starring Matt Smith, Suki Waterhouse, and Chace Crawford.

*True crime is saturating the market right now. Even the TV network Bravo has greenlit a true-crime series starring Connie Britton.

*Snapchat is also doing an episodic true crime series. Yes, Snapchat. It's about a Tinder date that ends in murder.

*Marcia Clark, the prosecutor from the OJ Simpson case, has an A&E series where she will reinvestigate bizarre cases. Her hair looks much better now.

*The TV series Trust reexamines the Getty kidnapping.

*The podcast Minds of Madness has prompted investigators to reopen the case of Tanner Barton, a football player who died under mysterious circumstances.

*Super-bestselling author James Patterson has written a true-crime book about two murder-for-hire cases.

*Finally, 20/20 tackled a 20-year mystery: What happened to baby Sabrina?

Is there too much true crime media right now?

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Tags: books / authors, chace crawford, margot robbie, matt smith, models, podcasts, quentin tarantino, sports / athletes, television - abc, true crime

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