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Riverdale Roundup: Carrie the Musical Spoilers, Paleyfest, and More


Apparently this week's episode will open with a little black and white mini-movie featuring some old timey dressed Moose and Kevin. RAS tagged Jason Blossom's actor in his post of this picture so OP continues to hope for more zombie Jason even if it's just in dreams


For those who want a general summary

-Choni will be powerful this coming week
-Big stuff for Alice and FP and the Serpents coming up
-Chuck redemption because they love the actor
-The Black Hood's coming back
-Luke Perry says that Hermione is trying to "Make Riverdale Great Again"
-Some embarrassing fan straight up asked Cole and Lili if they're dating


The cast (minus Casey who's filming another project) is at Paleyfest today, and as a treat the musical episode was screened for the audience. This is especially significant because it's not airing until April 18

But because fandom is gonna fandom, stuff got leaked. OP has read too many spoilers so feel free to ask in the comments.


For those in the fandom who follow production, there's a paparazi named Ken who often shoots the cast and sells photos to Just Jared. He also likes to casually drop filming spoilers. He told people about the Betty/Archie kiss as well as Cheryl telling Jughead about the kiss weeks before the episodes aired. He does this for other CW shows (or I guess anything in Vancouver) for the past 6 years

This time, he's dropped quite the huge load in regards to character deaths and identities

[BIG SPOILERS][Are you sure???][Ok if you say so]

Hey, mod, the instagram embed works when I preview my post
I didn't see the episode but AMA anyway because I might as well have
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