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I’ll be your favorite worst mistake.

Retailer Target was heavily featured in the most recent episode of Superstore

• The American retailer was recently intergrated into the main storyline on NBC's Superstore appropriately titled, “Target.”

• The episode focuses on Jeff (former Cloud 9 district manager) who announces he's leaving Cloud 9 to manage a Target store.

• “NBCUniversal has made a strong commitment to improving the commercial and viewing experience for our advertisers and audiences. Target is a great partner that aligns with that commitment and values our push for more innovation in commercial experience and data targeting.”

• According to Rick Gomez, CMO at Target, it has proven more effective than a traditional TV spot. (aka, viewers can't fast forward through ads if they're in the actual show itself).

• Is this more blatant advertising the future for TV shows? And more importantly, will Jonah and Amy finally get together this season?

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sorry mods, bad/lazy stewie!

needs more Sandra.

ONTD, do you shop at Target and watch Superstore? Fave character?

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