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Star Trek Discovery: New Deleted Scene & Michelle Yeoh Interviews

In a new Deleted Scene from the Disco Season 1 Finale which premiered at WonderCon, we see ALAN VAN SPRANG join (Mirror) Michelle Yeoh as [Spoiler (click to open)]Section 31 Operative 'Leland', and present her with a tempting Season 2 employment offer...

-Michelle talks about the presence of female leaders, diversity and portrayal of women on Disco:
"I think that's the thing about Star Trek; it talks about present-day issues, but in the sci-fi setting, you know? And I think it inspires us to reach for something better, and I think that's important because it's the empowerment of women. That's what we're striving for today. It's one of the sustainable development goals that we're working so hard for: gender equality. And then, when you have in Star Trek, where you have the number one, the admiral, the science medical officer, the captains, and they're all women, it's very empowering for little girls or young girls to watch. And also, of all the different races, that we are one race in the future. That you can be of any color. It doesn't matter. And it's very, very inspiring for little girls across the world. I remember when I was Captain Philippa Georgiou in Asia and China, everybody was just blown away. It's like we have an opportunity to be up there. So you know, I think that's very, very important, and I think that's what Star Trek always sets out to do."

-Was also given a lot of creative choice to keep her accent, and discusses how much of a difference that made to fans in and from Asia
-Couldn’t go to comic cons because of the secrecy around the return of Georgiou as her Mirror self = spoilers! She finds it very hard not to say anything.

-Says of creepy Terran Lorca that it was Philippa’s destiny to kill him: "Remember, I told him not to mess with my number one [at New York Comic Con] and he did. So I had to. I was true to my words."
-On Sonequa Martin-Green: "Oh, it's wonderful. I call her Bambi. She has got the most beautiful, expressive eyes. So it's a joy to work with her because she's very focused, she understands. She's very giving as an actor and as a human being. So, with Sonequa, it's just a love fest. And she just brings joy when we're in the room."
-On Mirror Philippa finding redemption: "This was something that we all talked about right at the beginning. It’s like, yes, you see her being very tough and all that, but… there is hope, there is humanity, and it reflects in all the little things that Emperor Georgiou has done, even when she was in the Terran world. That scene between her and Michael Burnham when they talk about their betrayal, their love — if someone can feel that much pain by losing someone you love, there is redemption, there must be redemption, but it doesn’t happen overnight."

Sources: IndieWire Twitter, Syfy Fangrrls, Bonus Scene

Are YOU ready for Queen Empress Philippa Georgiou Augustus Iaponius Centarius to totally dominate [Spoiler (click to open)]Section 31, ONTD Discoteers?

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