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Pageant News: Miss Venezuela CLOSED after sex and corruption scandal

This has not been the best year for the iconic pageant. First, it's head "The Tsar of Beauty" Osmel Sousa resigned, and now just a few weeks later, the open secret that the contestants engage in sexual favors with their sponsors and serve as high escorts for influential men (and especially politicians) was somewhat confirmed.

I'll do my best to explain. The first thing you need to know is that because of Venezuela's current political and economic situation, everyone involved with the government is hated and "enchufado" is a term used to describe everyone that benefits from the government corruption, this will make everything clearer.

It all started last week when instagram user @osmidejesus posted evidence of former queens Zoraya Villareal (Miss Lara 1995) and Stefania Fernandez (Miss Universe 2009) working with Diego Salazar Foundation, that's currently under fire over a corruption and money laundry scandal involving Venezuela's state oil company PDVSA's money.


After this, tv host and Miss Anzoategui 1997 Annarella Bono (it is important to note Bono has been criticized for the involvement of her ex husband with the government) commented something along the lines of "they are all whores and everyone praises them. What angers me is the only enchufadas are us"


Annarella continued her rant, coming for everyone and bringing up names no one was talking about. First she came for Anyela Galante (Miss Venezuela World 2015) criticizing her participation in the movie based on former Miss Venezuela Monica Spear, who was tragically murdered back in 2014, and the movie itself, wondering where all that money was coming from.


She also wondered why osmidejesus was only talking about Zoraya when others were also involved, and hinted at Blanca Aljibes (Miss Venezuela International 2011) and that all Miss Venezuela Universe were involved with powerful business men also involved with Diego Salazar


osmidejesus kept posting pics of former Misses involved with Diego Salazar's foundation, and almost any Miss of this century you can think of is involved (and Miss France 2015 Camille Cerf for some reason)

Hannelly Quintero (Miss Venezuela World 2008) also stepped in, alleging even just before her wedding and Diego Salazar's scandal broke, Stefania Fernandez kept receiving money from him

Luisa Nuñez, who participated in Miss Venezuela Earth, posted this about the escandal and how in the pageant world they tell you, you need a sponsor with money to get ahead regardless of your talent.


Allegedly, an anonymous Miss decided to share with osmidejesus that Giselle Reyes, Miss Venezuela's walking teacher, was the one pimping them out to Diego Salazar and even got a bonus for every girl she got working with him


After this, multiple misses have voiced their opinion, most of them admitting some shady business go behind scenes but denying their participation or saying those things didn't happen back when they competed. Finally, the miss Venezuela organization posted this statement on their instagram account, announcing the closing of the pageant and its castings for both Miss Venezuela and Mr Venezuela (but who cares about Mr):


Rough translation of the important points:

Caracas, Venezuela (March 21, 2018)

For over 40 years, the miss Venezuela organization has focused on the formation of talent with inner and outer beauty, capable of competing with success in any national or international scenario, contributing with the empowerment of venezuelan women. The organization has never consented and will never accept any act that damages in any way its reputation or the one of its contestants.

This is why, in light of the facts recently described through social media, anonymous blogs and some people that had relation with Miss Venezuela, the decision of initiating an internal revision has been taken, to determine if anyone involved with the pageant, during the course of its relation, has incurred in activities that break the values and ethics of the pageant. While this is in process, the Miss Venezuela house closes its doors and castings for both Miss Venezuela and Mister Venezuela are temporally suspended"

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