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John Oliver’s gay bunny book sold 180,000 copies in just two days

• A follow up to this and this post.

John Oliver stopped by Late Night with Seth Meyers to talk about his new LGBTQ bunny book (written by Jill Twiss and illustrated by EG Keller) titled “Last Week Tonight with John Oliver Presents a Day in the Life of Marlon Bundo.”

• Beating the Pence family and James Comey’s not-yet published A Higher Loyalty on the best selling list as well as selling out was completely unexpected for Oliver. “At that point, it’s getting ridiculous,” Oliver told Meyers with a laugh. “It sold 180,000 copies so far, which is definitely more than we were prepared for.”

• “You made the terrible mistake of giving the money away,” Meyers replied.

• Oliver agrees with Seth, “I’m sure HBO will find it absolutely hilarious they’re getting no money out of this.”

Though the first printing has already sold out, Oliver assured viewers that more are being printed, and that the book will soon be physically available in bookstores as well.

• Watch the full interview above and support this gay bunny agenda by purchasing a copy today!

♪♪ A cause for celebration, Marlon Bundo's emancipation! ♪♪

ONTD, what's your favorite LGBTQ children's book?

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Tags: books / authors, interview, last week tonight (hbo), late night talk show, lgbtq / rights, politics

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