Shawn Mendes on anxiety and his new single

Twink of Pop™ @ShawnMendes talked to Beats 1’s Zane Lowe about his new single “In My Blood.”

Shawn on the new single: “I wanted to make a Kings of Leon record. And I was like...I wanna go more rock, like stadium type of feel.”

• It's the first song he recorded for the new album.

• On anxiety: “It was kind of something that hit me within the last year. Before that, growing up, I was a pretty calm kid, super steady. I knew people who had suffered from anxiety and found it kind of hard to understand, but then when it hits you, you’re like, ‘Oh my God, what is this? This is crazy.’ That song is complete truth and the best thing about it is, it’s not all down. The whole reason I wrote this song was to be like, at the end, ‘It’s not in my blood to do that.’”