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'American Crime Story: Versace' Finale Is a Warning About How a Killer Is Made

The writer of the show explained the whole point of the show that people misinterpreted:

"We were upfront about the source material. We were never doing a biopic of Versace, because that's this amazing success story. We were always doing a crime story, and the crime story is Cunanan. And what is interesting in relation to the crime story is the symbolism of Versace. What he represents, how he overcame everything that Andrew failed to overcome: homophobia and relative poverty. All the things that made Versace a success compared to things that made Cunanan destructive."
"The finale is bringing together all of these people that were destroyed and damaged by Andrew, and really exploring what it is to lose someone. I think this is one of the few stories where the victim's loss is at the center of this piece — this hole that was created by Andrew."

"You can't just say Andrew was beaten by society. Other people overcame the things that he didn't, you're contrasting, I think, two very different people who have many similarities in the beginning and why one person was full of love and created so much — Versace and this genius — with one person who became such a monster. That, to me, is one of the central shapes of the story."

Part of the finale was fictional, part of it was true.


Did you watch the finale? thoughts?
Tags: darren criss, discussion, lgbtq / rights, review, ryan murphy

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