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Instagram exec on Facebook user-data controversy: "We're horrified"

In the war of the apps battle, the social media darling: Instagram is way enjoying the demise of snapchat and facebook. Instagram exec Charles Porch claims, "We're horrified" and adds “What I will say, and I think this goes across all the platforms, protecting data and privacy across our platforms is our number one priority,” While WhatsApp co-founder Brian Acton is way too hyped and tweeting:

After reports of Cambridge Analytica using Facebook's user information came to light, people across social media have begun to urge others to either #DeleteFacebook or #BoycottFacebook. Mark SuckItBerg has since apologized but no one gives a fuck and are deleting their facebook faster than you close an ad for a porn video.

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ig needs to step their filters. i use the geotag/filter on snap and repost on ig/ig story.
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