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Who went home on ANTM? 24x11

After the results are revealed at panel, Tyra tells the top 5 that the next week will focus on personality, and that the challenge will start immediately. The girls went backstage and discussed what could be happening. They're brought back out and watch an intro from Tyra's avatar on the ANTM mobile game. The girls get 15 minutes to design their own avatar for the game (and the winner of ANTM will have her avatar available in the game). The winner of the challenge will get to go to an LA showroom and work with a stylist (Law) to put together a look.

Jeana's the only one who really struggled, as she didn't have fun with her avatar and didn't really express her personality. Khrystyana and Rio stood out, but Khrystyana won. Jeana was pissed because she hates being told she has no personality and she should've acted like a "sassy little bitch" because "Law likes bitches" (but like...Khrystyana is farthest from being a sassy little bitch, and your bff was the other in the top, so what are you saying girl? lol). Then in the limo, Jeana said it was okay that Khrystyana won because she needed more clothes, as Khrys had said previously she was almost out of outfits to wear, and then said she should've talked to them "like this" imitating Khrystyana's accent. Then in a talking head, she said "so much for being America's Next Top Model, you didn't prepare correctly" regarding the number of outfits Khrys brought.

They get back to the house, and Rio says she's immortal in the competition because she's gotten 3 best photos and gloats, which ofc pisses Shanice off. Later, Jeana's crying downstairs and Khrys goes and comforts her despite the attitude she was giving her earlier, because she's an actual angel.

For the shoot, Director X is back to shoot the ladies in a music video. The concept is they're at a boring dinner in stiff clothes, then they'll be shot breaking free of the dinner, and finally in individual parts in wild clothing. Kyla got all hot and bothered over Director X which was amusing. Rio and Jeana struggled during the shoot, and Khrys tried joking with Jeana at one point but was basically ignored. Khrys' shoe breaks while she's shooting and Jeana just stands there smirking. Then, Khrys and Shanice are having a pillow fight shot and Jeana just jumps in the middle of the shot to participate (while still having a stoic/fierce expression which was weird) and starts pushing the girls around during the shoot. Khrys confronts Jeana after the shoot about her behavior and Jeana brushes off the smirking and claims the director told her to get into the pillow fight.

At panel, Kyla immediately gets nervous when she talks to the judges and admits she has a crush on Director X which they tease her about and discuss far longer than necessary (why the hell are they suddenly pushing this Kyla/men bs? smh) Law ofc used her good footage as proof that he was right last week, that she just needed a man to bring out her femininity (gross). During Shanice's critique, she mentioned Jeana jumping into the pillow fight and pushing the girls around, but Director X said he wanted all the girls in that scene but Jeana was the only other one who wasn't out of wardrobe yet, so that's why she was the only one to jump in. Jeana also piped up that her character was supposed to be fierce and strong which was why she was pushing.

Backstage, Khrys apologizes for thinking Jeana lied and explained she wasn't thrilled about the pushing because it was sending her sideways in those really tall heels. Jeana just pulled a sleeping bag over her head to disengage. (Shanice should've been the one to apologize since she's the one who threw Jeana under the bus, but okay w/e)

[Best Footage]

[Bottom 2]


[Who went home?]

Episode at VH1.com
Results pictures are screenshots of video footage from the episode

As always, Khrystyana is too good and pure for this world
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