Variety spoils absolutely everything in its review of "A Quiet Place"

There's only a few weeks until April 6th, when John Krasinski’s “A Quiet Place,” a horror film co-starring Krasinski's IRL wife, Emily Blunt, is released.

While the review embargo has yet to be lifted, early buzz is extremely positive and the consensus is that the survivalist horror is unique, tense, and scary as hell. But should you want to see what "real" critics are saying about the film, avoid Variety's review by any means necessary.

Written by Owen Gleiberman, who's apparently infamous for spoiling every genre movie he's assigned to, the Variety review spoils

-why everyone else is dead.
-why no one can make any noise.
-at least one MAJOR death.
-the solution to the movie.

Variety has yet to take the review down even though every comment so far (20+) has been pure outrage at this SNAPE KILLS DUMBLEDORE* level of spoiler trolling.

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*You know this already, tccch. But what do you think of spoiling at this kind of "professional" level? Should critics be held accountable for it, even fired?