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The new Syfy series Krypton launches tomorrow plus creator talk political parallels

The new Syfy series "Krypton" is taking a different approach to what we know of the Man of Steel and his home planet of Krypton.  The show is set two centuries before Kal-El is born and follows his Grandfather Seg-El (father to Jor-El) and promises a new take on the Superman mythos.  In addition to Braniac and Adam Strange, the show will introduce us to the infighting between the houses of El, Zod and Val and the political structure in the show is set to mirror many of the current struggles we face daily. Showrunner Cameron Walsh provided some insight on the show and what to expect.

  • There will be peole of color on Krypton which hasnt really been depicted on film before.

  • Promises diversity will be important to the show both in front of and behind the camera.

  • The original John Williams Superman theme will be used sparingly on the show.

  • The show will tackle both religion and politics in its first season.

  • There will be time traveling elements in the show allowing them to play with the timeline.

  • Adam Strange makes an appearance and Braniac looks to be the big bad of Season 1.

  • This is not a superhero show.  “No one is fighting crime or slapping on a mask. No one is fighting for truth, justice and the Kandorian way. There is no freak of the week. No one sees his parents get murdered and must seek revenge. Like all great sci-fi, it’s not about aliens or robots, it’s about the people.”

The series eventually begins to click but the pacing is slow, the action is sporadic and the special effects are, well, not all that special, even allowing for the fact that they’ll probably look better in finished versions of the episodes. But the cast is appealing, especially Cuffe, who seems to have limited acting skills but exudes a magnetic, star-in-the-making presence. - San Francisco Chronicle

The onslaught of Easter eggs and nods to things yet to come can feel overwhelming, but Krypton seems a beautiful deep dive into the rich mythos of these iconic alien planet. - Tampa Bay Times

Ambitious and visually daring, Krypton has a lot more potential than the premise (and title) might imply. - IGN

Will you be watching or do you have Superhero fatigue?

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