The View reacts to Facebook/Cambridge Analytica expose and Trump's solution to opiods and

The View starts off this Wednesday talking about the Channel 4 news expose on Cambridge Analytica and Facebook.

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Meghan argues about the Obama's micro-targeting and data mining and compared to Cambridge Analytica's efforts. Sunny v. Meghan happens during this interlude. Whoopi argues that people shouldn't give out their info freely.

The White House resident talks about how he wants to solve the opiod crisis and drug dealers. He calls for death penalty for drug dealers. JOY THINKS HE IS SUCH A SIMPLE THINKER. She says he doesn't go beyond the superficial and doesn't really understand it.

The Pence do promo for children's book. It has a bunny on the cover. They talk about the renewed feud between Vivica A. Fox and 50 Cent over the former writing about their sexual relationship THAT HAPPENED 14 YEARS AGO!

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