Celebrities React to Murder of Brazilian Politician Marielle Franco

– Marielle Franco, newly-elected member of the Rio di Janero city council as part of the Socialist and Liberty Party in Brazil (PSOL), was murdered along in a drive by shooting along with her driver Anderson Pedro Gomes on the night of Wednesday, March 14th.
– Officers have said that it was two men who were responsible for the shooting. They fired nine shots into the vehicle that carried Franco and her driver, along with a press officer in the backseat who survived. The press officer said it appeared the shots were targeted at Marielle.
– Marielle was a major advocate for poor people, LGBT rights, black rights, and women's rights. Being her first term in office starting 2016 as an openly gay Afro-brazillian woman was risky enough, but Marielle was also very condemning of police violence and brutality and recently accused officers of being too aggressive in their raids and searches. 46,500 people voted for Marielle to reflect their interests on the city council.
– Many outlets are omitting Marielle's positions and sexuality. She loved her partner Monica Teresa Benicio and her 19 year old daughter, her parents, and  her sister. On March 18th, after nearly a week of anger from citizens, Brazil's most powerful media outlet, Rede Globo, held a 45 minute segment on Marielle's murder. It featured interviews from Marielle's partner and family, and Anderson's widow, but in the only segement about her political positions described her passion for "human rights", that humans are free and equal, and should be given the same rights as everyone else, watering down her radical progressive positions into something unobjectionable and cliché.
– In an interview with Democracy Now, Former Brazilian President Lula said [translated]: "Mainly, we have two problems in Brazil. The first is that her assassination is unacceptable. The only thing [Marielle] did was to work against the assassinations of black persons in the peripheral areas in the defense of human rights and the defense of lives of people. It's clear that her death was a pre-meditated killing. Now I don't know if it was a militia or a police, but what is clear is that it is unacceptable, and that all of us Brazillians could come together in a single voice and shout out loud to demand punishment of those responsible for that killing. And President Temer should learn a lesson with this killing, which is that the problem of violence in the peripheral areas of our Brazil is not going to be resolved by turning to the armed forces. It is necessary that the state have a presence in the peripheral areas of the state of Brazil."

– Her murder has prompted mass mourning and protest across Brazil. Many found great hope in Marielle's advocacy for issues important to locals who don't have a voice in their government. Some people are taking the protests for Marielle as an insult against local police officials, which, well. The passion for Marielle's life and political work is growing beyond state and media attempts to control it. Because of this...
– Celebrities across the world have expressed their condolences over Marielle's murder. Check below for reactions and personal photos of Marielle with her partner Monica.







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