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The View interviews US Senator Cory Booker

The panel interviews US Senator Cory Booker. They discuss the probability of Trump firing Robert Mueller and what kind of steps Congress can take to prevent it by introducing legislation. There is apparently already a bill that's been discussed/debated in the Judiciary Comm. The optics of the special investigation being biased as it has more Democrats on it than Republicans even though Mueller is a long time registered Republican. Booker thinks it is unacceptable to attack and undermine the intelligence agencies. Megan keeps pushing about the 'bias' as the Democrats in the investigation apparently contributed to Clinton's campaign. Booker brings up Trump's demeaning and degrading behavior on Twitter and lowering the bar for our Democracy. Sunny brings up McCabe's firing and Booker states he wants to investigate the firing.

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Tags: donald trump, politics, scandal, the view (abc)

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