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Alec Baldwin Gets in Yet Another Twitter Fight

  • Alec Baldwin linked, with sarcastic commentary, to an long article written about James Adomian. Adomian is an openly gay male comedian who does impressions of various political figures. This includes Bernie Sanders, who he performed opposite Anthony Atamanuik's (The President Show) Donald Trump across the country for the last couple of years.

  • In the article, Adomian calls out Baldwin for being a bully who stole bits of Anthony Atamanuik's Trump impression for SNL. He also alleges that SNL is notorious for passing around audition tapes, and they are not the only show guilty of doing this.

  • He also calls out SNL for not hiring openly gay cast members, because there have only been three in the show's history (Terry Sweeney, Kate McKinnon, and John Milheiser, who was not mentioned in the original article but added as a footnote), and suspects that is one of the reasons he was not hired on at SNL. He specifically points out that Lorne Michaels is the reason for the lack of gay representation, explaining that Lorne is afraid of alienating his audience with openly gay cast members.

Someone responded to Alec's post:

Alec clapped back with a defense of Lorne, blaming the accusation on Adomian's bitterness:

Then Guy Branum, another openly gay comic and writer (The Mindy Project) entered the convo:

And then Alec takes the opportunity to show Twitter just how much he doesn't understand about why people are mad:

Guy replies with the obvious:

Someone tasked Guy not to forget Terry Sweeney, and he replied:

James retweeted Alec's post with a small addition:

Others have taken note of Alec's behavior:

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Read the article linked in the first tweet for even more info. I can't with this asshole.
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