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Riverdale Roundup: It's Almost a Wrap, 2x15 Pictures and More

All the main girls no the show (+Toni) have a sleepover probably because Cheryl rightfully suspects her mother and other new family member of trying to get rid of her in order to get their hands on her fortune.

And here's Bughead kissing



This is from the table read for the season finale. It's not the whole table though. It seems like there were in the middle of a scene since a closer look at Cole's face shows he has stitches and a picture elsewhere shows Sweet Pea with a black eye


And also, it's a wrap for our favorite useless eye candy lawman



Our favorite Mormon looking altar boy will film a new movie this summer. It sounds generic as fuck, but I'm still happy for him. And hey, maybe it'll secretly be about furries

The Mascot centers on Nick Shepherd (Cott), an ex‐quarterback, who had it all in high school, and seeks redemption at the University of Georgia by doing something he never imagined: wearing a mascot suit.

As Hairy Dawg, Nick becomes the most famous person no one’s ever heard of, and gets thrust into a bizarre, furry subculture of college football that he never knew existed. Ultimately, Nick learns that sometimes you have to wear a mask to figure out who you really are.

Tags: casting / auditions, riverdale (cw), television - cw, television promo / stills

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