puchi van cartier (machucartier) wrote in ohnotheydidnt,
puchi van cartier

Vivica A. Fox is writing a book about her sex life with 50 Cent. He reponds on Instagram!

So, New York Daily News reported that Award Winning Actress and Wig Expert, Vivica A. Fox, is writing a book about her #juicy sex life with 50 Cent! If you recall, Vivica famously accused him on WWHL of being gay and then he went on the show and said Vivica might've thought that cuz he, quote, "let her lick my ass." Point is that Vivica is now writing a book and it includes details of their relationship and sex life that took place FOURTEEN YEARS AGO.

Well, Fiddy responded on IG by being as confused as we are by this.



will u write about your ass eating experiences on a memoir, ontd?
Tags: 50 cent, black celebrities, books / authors, tmi

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