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Charli Xcx may put out new song for tour with Carly Rae and those other girls


Slept on princess of pop, Charli Xcx, might be putting out a new song for the Reputation tour this summer, saying there are a lot of expectations for her.

"A stadium, that's like the size of the town where I am from. Now it's like serious. I have to put out a single."

And it's sort of scary, but more because there's all those expectations."

The "Boys" singer says she wants to behave on tour with Taylor Swift, Camila Cabello, and Carly Rae, and its cool Camila is on there also.

"I really like, swear a lot when I'm on stage as well, and that just cannot happen. So I really have to behave. And I think it's so cool that Camila Cabello is also on the tour. I think it's gonna be such an epic lineup. I'm really, really excited about that tour. I think it's gonna be awesome.

Charli recently played a concert featuring special guests for Pop2 in El Rey, prompting thinkpieces why is she not bigger.

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