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Sherman Alexie accused of sexual harassment

- 10 women came forward and spoke to NPR, 3 went on record
- he seems to have targeted primarily native american women
- they reported behavior ranging from inappropriate comments to explicit flirting, unwanted sexual advances & consensual sex that ended abruptly
- all said that Alexie used his literary celebrity and clout in the industry to lure them into these situations
- he has since released a statement admitting he has harmed others and that the women are telling the truth, apologized for the hurt he caused & has also since declined a literary prize

- Diné writer and activist Jacqueline Keeler has since talked to several of his victims & wrote a great piece on the tokenism of native american authors
- she elaborates on his abuse of power beyond sexual assault, specifically on how he made or broke other NA writers' careers by acting as a gatekeeper
- she mentions his pandering to a white audience by perpetuating negative NA stereotypes primarily for white people's enjoyment, encouraging them to laugh at, rather than with, NA

sources 1, 2, 3, 4
it's been about a week since the news broke, but idt we've had a post? i should have learned my lesson by now but i was still p shocked by this, ngl. not just bc of the sexual harassment but also bc of how generally unkind & spiteful he actually seems to be
Keeler's piece is really worth reading, btw. i was always a huge fan of Alexie's books & she does raise v interesting points abt them being primarily aimed at a white audience
Tags: #metoo, #timesup, books / authors, feminism / social issues, indigenous celebrities, sexual misconduct

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