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The Killers' Mr. Brightside spends its 200th week on the UK Singles Chart

The Killers' "Mr. Brightside" logs its 200th week on the Uk Singles Chart this week thus officially making it the new National/Royal anthem in the UK. Queen Elizabeth II is shook.

• Except for only a handful of times in 2016, the song has never left the chart for the past 13 years since it debuted on the chart back in 2004.

"Mr. Brightside" was revealed as the most streamed song of any track released before 2010.

• So how is this Iconic song still charting you say? Well between March 2017 - March 2018, the song has been streamed 45 million times, while so far in 2018 alone it's averaged 878,000 plays a week across all major streaming services, helping it linger around the lower end of the Top 100.

• But it's just not streaming, the track has also been downloaded an average of 696 times a week this year so far.

Sources: 1 | 2
Tags: brandon flowers / the killers, music / musician (alternative and indie), ratings / charts

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