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Prettiest Boyband #PRETTYMUCH Hits 5 Million Views with 'Teacher'

Despite their their fan favorite Open Arms or even their debut Would You Mind, sleeper success PRETTYMUCH has hit 5 million views with their second single 'Teacher', which is their most viewed video to date. Is this the single that their label should have pushed? Industry experts will never know.

People are also wondering why for an act with such mainstream potential, they are no where to be seen in the main charts. I believe their method of pumping out singles every month is still an attempt to gain momentum as a band. All of known songs, besides 1, have been released. Don't know if we're still expecting an EP or full album later in the year.

Would You Mind: 2.9 million
Teacher: 5 million
Open Arms: 3.3 Million
No More: 1.7 Million
10,000 Hours: 730k

Ahh we love to witness humble beginnings/success

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