Aaron Hernandez Was, Allegedly, Gay; Feared For His Life Over Secret

  • In the upcoming 2 part documentary "Aaron Hernandez Uncovered", airing on Oxygen this weekend, it is revealed by family members, two ex-girlfriends and friends that Aaron Hernandez was gay and struggled with his sexuality for over a decade.

  • His college girlfriend Alyssa Anderson said Aaron had a boyfriend who attended the U of F with him and while he denied it for two years, he eventually came clean to her and she helped him keep up appearances as he feared he would be targeted if the secret ever came out.

  • Another one of Aaron's closest friends said he knew and kept the secret for 15 years and that Aaron, who had gang ties, was afraid he would killed by members if tey found out his secret.

  • A member of Aaron's defense team said Aaron also confided in him because he was openly gay and would understand the struggle.

  • The same attorney says Aaron admitted Odin Lloyd knew Aaron was gay and was going to publicly out him and that law enforcement officials believe this was the real reason why Aaron murdered him.

  • The documentary also covers just how bad Aaron's case of CTE was and that the NFL was notified about the possibility and didn't seem to care.


And who did Aaron play football with in College?[you knew this was coming]

I rest my case. *hair flip*