Kardashians save the Watts Empowerment Center for Kids + Kim Shows Off Chicago!

  • The Kardashian Klan has saved the Watts Empowerment Center from shutting down, just 24 hours before it was set to close.

  • Government cuts forced the 24 hour community center to shut down due to lack of funding when the Kardashians stepped in to make sure it stayed open.

  • The center has been a safe haven for children and teenagers to spend their time at, instead of falling into the gang life that dominates the area of Los Angeles.

  • Kris raised private funds to keep the center running for several years to come and is seeking private investors to make sure it never closes down.

  • Kris is planning on building a new baseball diamond and grass field where other activities and sports will be set up.

  • The family also purchased a large plot of land across from the center and are goin to build a private playground and activity center for the centers use.


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Another great deed done by the Kardashians!