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ONTD Original™ "Avengers: Infinity War" Stranger Danger

"Avengers: Infinity War" is the biggest event in the MCU and is arguably the biggest event in movie going herstory. 10 years and 18 films later, the new trailer shows our favorite Marvel characters finally teaming up on the big screen - united and ready to avenge!

Screen Shot 2018-03-16 at 3.25.07 PM 4.png

But, wait a second, who are these new guys (and gorl) on the scene? Why do these new baddies look like they've been trapped inside of a Hot Topic since 2003? Was that Dr. Strange at an acupuncture appointment with Voldemort? I'm here to give you all of the dirty deets, tea, and dramz on Thanos' Black Order. Let's dive in spoiler free!

Brief History
- Created only five years ago by Jonathan Hickman, Jerome Opeña, and Jim Cheung, The Black Order made their first full appearance during Marvel's "Infinity" event back in 2013.

- The Black Order is a group of evil aliens that work for Thanos to help him raise/destroy worlds as tribute to their mad Titan. When Thanos sets his sights on Earth to search for the Infinity Stones, the Black Order is happy to oblige. Think of them as sort of like Thanos' "Avengers", but dressed like the love children of Blade & Evanescence mixed with a little bit of Star Trek.

Corvus Glaive
Corvus Glaive - MCMCU.jpg

- The leader of Thanos' Black Order, Corvus was chosen for his combat mastery, tactical abilities, superhuman strength, speed, durability and endurance. He is also the husband of Proxima Midnight and brother of Cull Obsidian.

- Mr. Glaive carries a glaive (how meta) that makes him immortal. He can only be killed if his Thanos-made weapon is destroyed first. His glaive is also capable of splitting atoms which means that it can cut through virtually anything, including Hulk's skin.

Cull Obsidian
Cull Obsidian - MCMCU.jpg

- With superhuman strength, density, and unbreakable skin, Cull Obsidian is the muscle of Thanos' Black Order. He is on the same strength level as the Hulk and towers over Thanos himself. Cull is the brother of Corvus Glaive and brother-in-law to Proxima Midnight.

- Cull's name has been changed from "Black Dwarf" in the comics. Nobody is sure why, but it's probably because Black Dwarf is a stupid name that is way too literal. "Cull Obsidian" definitely sounds more unique and menacing.

Ebony Maw
Ebony Maw - MCMCU.jpg

- Ebony Maw is the Miss. Independent of the Black Order. Brought on board for his powers of persuasion, Maw works with Thanos, not for him, to achieve the same goals. What do you expect from a super genius who pays his own bills?

- Not a fighter, Ebony's talents include deception, manipulation, and coaxing peoples' thought processes with only his words. As you can see from the new trailer, even the most powerful minds, like Dr. Strange, are no match for Maw's psychological coercion.

Proxima Midnight
Proxima Midnight - MCMCU.jpg

- Good (evil) sis Proxima Midnight is the most versatile fighter in the Black Order. She is a nearly invulnerable master combatant with superhuman strength, speed, and endurance. Wife of Corvus Glaive, Proxima carries her own fancy weapon - a Thanos-made spear.

- "A spear?", you say. "What's so fancy about that?" Let's educate the children! First of all, this thing was literally made from a collapsing sun trapped in distorted space-time; acting and operating as a star, supernova, and black hole all at once. This means that her weapon can mimic the effects of said star, supernova, and black hole.

- Proxima can throw this damn thing and have it act like a supernova with exploding energy. Her spears' energy also acts as a paralyzing and lethal poison and can shoot a lance of three heat-seaking beams that disintegrate prey on contact. Her weapon can also gain the weight of an actual fucking star that can be used to pin down the likes of the Hulk. Whew! We surrender, Prox!

I hope you enjoyed your journey through the wretchedness that is The Black Order! If you wish to read more, check them out in the pages of Marvel's "Infinity" comic event.

Are you impressed, ONTD? What do you think of these new villains? Do you think they will translate well from page to screen?

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