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Real Housewives of Atlanta Reunion Spoilers: Kim Zolciak-Biercann Gets DRAGGED by Everyone

In what has turned out to be a bit of a lackluster season of Real Housewives of Atlanta, the reunion was taped last night and it sounds like a doozy

  • The seating arrangement is as follows (from left to right): Kenya, Cynthia, Porsha (Andy) NeNe, Kandi, Sheree.

  • Kenya announces she is pregnant via IVF and that her husband was never against filming on the show but that he wasn't going to tolerate being accused of marrying Kenya for a storyline or a cheque when he really loves her and is glad to have found his soulmate later in life.

  • Porsha apologizes again to Kandi and wants to repair their relationship.

  • Kandi calls out Sheree for being the ~bone carrier~ but getting upset when people talk about her business; saying she can dish it but can't take it.

  • The first of the two biggest bombshells: Kenya reveals the reason she and Marlo's friendship really ended is because Marlo was blackmailing and attempting to extort Nene. Kenya reveals that during their friendship, Marlo became angry that Nene seemingly dropped her as a friend and that Nene started dating John Kolaj. John is the short greasy white guy Nene dated on the show between her fake divorce and fake re-marriage to Greg. Marlo was mad because she introduced Nene to John and Marlo saw him as a potential mark.

  • Marlo got John drunk one night, fell asleep on her couch and started going through his phone. Marlo took screenshots of explicit photos and texts Nene and he had exchanged and sent them to Kenya and attempted to blackmail and extort Nene. The source did not say what the outcome of this was and how Nene reacted to the bombshell being dropped.

  • The second and biggest bombshell is that Kim Zolciak-BIercann was dragged mercilessly for 5 hours by Nene, Kenya and Kandi. The first explosive tidbit is addressing RoachGate. Kim refused to acknowledge Kenya, so Sheree swapped spots with Kenya and Kenya sat inbetween Nene and Kandi. Kenya kept calling Kim 'Racist' instead of her name and dragged her and Brielle for filth. Nene also said she and Kim's friendship is broken and she has nothing left for Kim and told her to "Get off my show".

  • Kandi drags Kim for using her white privilege and being best friends with the lead producer (Michael Beck) to barely film and still collect a full check. She said Kim purposely has Kroy drive her everywhere and have her entire family in tow in the car so Kim could only film for 20-30 minutes and leave as an excuse. Kandi also called her racist and said the roach incident is evident of that.

  • Sheree stayed silent and did not defend her "Friend" Kim.

Not one to miss a beat, Kim's daughter Brielle 'Prolapsed Anus Lips/Funky Pussy' Biercann decided to step onto twitter and defend her mother and shade the other cast members:

Not to miss a beat, Nene Leakes decided to jump in and drag Brielle and Kim again for trying to play victim

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Kim is finally get what's coming to her, praise!
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