It's Official: Jennifer Lawrence is a Flop

- The Hollywood Reporter looks into Jennifer's recent failures and the death of the movie star.

- Jennifer Lawrence had a lot banking on Red Sparrow but it only managed to open to a humble $16.9 million first weekend after endless promotion and talk show appearances. The actress apparently knew she had a lot riding on the film, and did heavy promotion.

- Now the Hollywood Reporter doubts her bankability: Many in Hollywood thought Lawrence was the real thing, until her box office began to show signs of continental drift. The news that she's had her third major flop in a row with Red Sparrow (following Passengers and mother!) was especially disheartening, following the underperformance of Joy and the forgotten Serena.

- Studios have increasingly turned to brands, rather than brand names, to the Star Wars and Marvel movies, rather than individual actors. Jennifer Lawrence was supposed to be the exception, but maybe there's no such thing as movie stars anymore.