ljtryout (ljtryout) wrote in ohnotheydidnt,

'Will & Grace' 9x14 clip finally tackles Will and Jack's will they/won't they.

- After 20 years Will is dating Michael again. He was his first boyfriend and they had just broken up when the pilot aired back in 1997.
- Michael is now played by Cheyenne Jackson, since the original Michael now looks like a grandpa.
- Jack advices Will not to rush into things with Michael and Michael tells Will that Jack's actually in love with him.
- Will asks Jack if he's in love with him and Jack says Michael's just saying that because he's after Will's money...
- Later in the episode [Spoiler (click to open)]Michael was actually after Will's money, Jack comforts Will and Will reveals that he actually was in love with Jack for a while, right before Jack came out to his mom.


ONTD, do you want Will/Jack to happen?
Tags: lgbtq / rights, lgbtq film / media, television - nbc
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